Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Cannonball Run Day 24; this day in 1990

Had the best kip I've had in a long time; slept right through.

Had another shower and got ready to go for our longest journey yet (in one go) - 10 hours to Dallas. A hell of a lot of messing about with my money. They won't send me anything without written consent. I guess I'll have to send it express.


That's what I did and I got in the driving seat at 4pm. At 6.15pm I realised I'd written the wrong address on the envelope. It would be headed for Dallas instead of California (note; I'm sure I meant to write those destinations the other way around - California was a LONG way behind us by then). Stopped to make a 'phone call and the woman managed to re-direct my letter.

Then a fairly non-eventful drive until about 1.45am when I began to feel sleepy so George took over.

I fell straight to sleep.

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