Thursday, 10 November 2011

Cannonball Run Day 5; this day in 1990

Oh well, up again at a ridiculous hour of the day - 8am (note: did I really think that was so ridiculous?) - and started lugging the crap out of the garage for the sale. We got the Honda 250R going and George and me took it in turns to cruise up and down, trying to look cool!

We hung around the house until midday and then hitched our way to the beach and started to bake. It was gorgeous.

George and me spent a good half hour in the ocean before forcing Kim to join us; she refused so we basically threw her in! we found out pretty quickly how see through her costume really was!!

We carried on throwing ourselves around in the water and bodysurfed for a while. The girls in Southern California certainly live up to their name; they are GORGEOUS! If only Paul was here (note; my brother). He'd have a ball. We left the beach at 3.30pm and went up to the cafe on the plateau where we had breakfast on Thursday.

Oh, by the way, I bought a pair of shorts from Claire's garage sale - pretty cool man! George and I have sand in our shorts which makes walking rather uncomfortable. We made sand models which proved to be a riot and then went for a 'pollo dog' which was like a curry inside a hot dog. We finally headed home and ate tacos with the family.

Then a shower and we went out at 10pm for a couple of hours. At the Mariner rooms, this guy was doing his very best to get talking to this girl. Luckily for me, she seemed to be looking at me instead of him. At about half midnight, she walked past the guy, came over to me and introduced herself. I chatted with Denise and we went for a drive in her Saab (very nice) and for a couple of drinks.

Anyway, she gave me a lift home and we arranged to meet tomorrow.

Went to bed and crashed.

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