Friday, 25 November 2011

Cannonball Run Day 20; this day in 1990

Woke up at 10.30am and we were already on the move (note; George had got up early and set off - I can remember it was a very nice feeling, waking to the moving motions of the van, NOT being the one having to drive first thing).

We're on our way to the Grand Canyon!

Arizona is just like the spaghetti westerns; miles and miles of open desert with tumbleweed blowing across the freeway. We drove to 'Williams' where severn guys were acting out a gunfight. It was all a bit childish!

Anyway, we did some shopping and carried on towards the Grand canyon. We stopped off once more to get some firewood from the side of the road - George had to get half a tree trunk!

We made it to the Grand Canyon; $10 entry and $10 for the camp.

What an absolutely incredible sight. People told me what a sight it would be but I was definitely not prepared for anything like it. Without a doubt, the most fabulous sight I have ever seen.

We only looked for five minutes 'cos we're going again tomorrow to take some photos.

Well, the showers here have taken the record; 75¢ for a five minute shower. Well worth it though. Refreshed and clean, we drove back to our parking spot and got the fire going. Kim had celery and yoghurt, while George and me had spaghetti with meatballs, beans and toast, with loads of rosie. wew sat talking and laughing for a few hours before turning in for the night.

The wind is howling outside at the moment but we're all tucked up in our sleeping bags.


p.s. Came across a few patches of snow; ice really, but it was (South African) Kims' first ever glimpse of snow.

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