Monday, 21 November 2011

Cannonball Run Day 16; this day in 1990

Had a damn good night sleep; right through to 9.35am for a change. Still quite cold though. Pulled ourselves together and got ready. The showers were free and absolutely gorgeous, loads of boiling hot water!

Then Kim and me went down to the store to buy some munchies and I phoned home; it's Paul's birthday. Had a great chat with Mum, Dad and Paul. Although I miss them, I hung up the 'phone and was really over the moon. Great to talk to them after a week (which felt more like a month).

Cooked ourselves eggs, sausages, bacon and bread with a beautiful cup of rosie. Then I had to wash up, oh poop! Covered in black grease, yuk!

Bought a Big Sur badge to start my collection again, thanks to the b******s that nicked my jacket. Then carried on north until we got to one of many vista points for some stunning photographs. After deciding not to stop at a very dodgy campsite, miles from anywhere, we settled on Half Moon Bay campsite. Took some great shots of the ocean and sunset.

Monterrey was also a stop off point today. Fisherman's Wharf was lovely (although smelly) and got some pics of sea lions and the harbour. Bought a California Dreamin' badge.

Good day.

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