Monday, 14 November 2011

Cannonball Run Day 9; this day in 1990

Oh well, up again at 7.50am and Ronnie and his boys were not over the moon at seeing us, as they had been working overtime on our van. Anyway, Ronnie gave us his brother-in-law's garage address so I drove it down to him; looks like another long day.

He sent us to another garage - his brother-in-law!

We sat in the van all day until about 5.30pm, when this guy John stopped to talk to us. He and his wife invitied us back to their motel room to wash up and brush up. Then they dropped us off back at the van and I went with them for a beer while George and Kim stayed 'in'.

Made a few friends, including the barmaid Monique - she never let my glass get empty - which was nice of her! At 2am (when the bar closes) she made me some spaghetti and said goodnight.


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