Friday, 18 November 2011

Cannonball Run Day 13; this day in 1990

Up at midday today and most people had gone off to Magic Mountain. When they returned, we packed up our stuff, said thanks to Jean for the use of his floors (!) and got on our way again.

Driving along the coast, we watched the sun disappear and it was beautiful, right up to the point where it vanished behind the smog, completely! We never fully realised how bad the smog problem was.

We finally got into Santa Barbara and it is beautiful; found the campsite in Carpenteria and it just happens to be RIGHT on the beach; the Pacific ocean is about 50 yards away.

Took a walk into town (dodgy light ahoy), bought some beer - little Michelobs - and then got speaking to a guy parked next to us. He gave us some firewood and we got a pretty good fire going. George and me sat up fairly late and then climbed into the van.

I seem to have spent all day and all evening just laughing!!

A good day.

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