Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Cannonball Run Day 4; this day in 1990

Woke again at 6.40am on the dot but this time went straight back to sleep. Sid woke us all at 8.45am and asked if we wanted to go to the Del Mar Grand Prix; a friend had given him free tickets and he invited us to go with him. Of course we said yes!

On the drive there we stopped off at two more of Sid's restaurants (I think he collected some takings!) and after about an hours drive, we arrived at Del Mar. The atmosphere at the race was incredible - loads of cars to look at including a 1974 Porsche 911 that had been converted into a 959 - wait 'till Dad sees the photos!

We watched a few of the races including one that had a three car pile up. One of the drivers had to be cut from the car after the fire marshalls had erected a screen so that people couldn't see exactly what was happening. We had something to eat and then made our way back home.

On the way home along the coast, we saw the most incredible sunset I have ever seen. It hung just above the sea for as long as it could before disappearing below the horizon. A bit further on, the sun (even though it was out of sight), sent up it's rays making the sky look just like a five-year olds drawing of the sun.

We got home and ate BBQ style on the patio and talked about our day and about how many photos we'd taken. Then we all headed into town for our first proper night out. We hitched all the way down, realised we had no ID (no ID, no drinks), so we hitched all the way back up, grabbed our passports, then hitched all the way back down again.

Had a great laugh with George (Kim stayed home), spoke with two very nice girls, before hitching a lift all the way home again and crashed out.

Totally. Like, TOTALLY!

(note: "totally" was quoted in just about every American film around this time. Actually, I think it still is!!)

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