Sunday, 13 November 2011

Cannonball Run Day 8; this day in 1990

Woke up at around 6.45am absolutely freezing. Drove to a garage, had a wash and brush up, then to a restaurant for brekkies. Sorted the van out for license and smog check but it looks like we need a new carburettor.


Well, the above was all written at midday. We sat in the garage until 7.30pm - a whole day wasted on absolutely nothing. We drove the van around for a bit and then it died on us again. We got it back to the garage and got ready for a nights sleep. I walked back to get some drinks and when I got back, George and Kim had hung all the curtains around the van, giving us a little more privacy.

An hour or so later, there's a knock on the window; oh oh, it's a cop! We explained our predicament, showed him some ID and he seemed satisfied.

A few beers and then sleep.

What a day!

p.s. - I had a 'cadenza' then slept like a rock. (note: although cadenza is a musical term, my travelling buddy used it when someone was freaking out or having a fit - can't remember why I was having one on that day, but had one I must've done!!)

p.p.s - fifty nine, seventy nine, ninety nine - our new theme tune. (note: it was the jingle for fast food diner Taco Bell. It played endlessly, regardless of which frequency we were tuned to in the van. When things got a bit tight financially, we spent a LOT of time - not to mention loose change - in Taco Bell)

p.p.p.s - phoned home at midday

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