Sunday, 20 November 2011

Cannonball Run Day 15; this day in 1990

Up at sparrow's fart (note; apologies once again for my crassness - this was a term coined by George meaning 'very early' and although I know it is hopelessly immature, it still makes me laugh out loud when I just so much as think of it!). It is absolutely bloody FREEZING!

We drove to San Luis Obispo where George and I took a photo' of a De Lorean (Eat your heart out Dr Emmet Brown!). Then we decided to go for breakfast and found a little village called the apple Farm where we stuffed our faces for $30.

Then we hit the road again and drove along a very dodgy coastal road on the side of a mountain for about 12 miles, reaching Ragged Point; very beautiful.

I got some photo's of the ocean and also some birds overhead while I threw bread into the air whilst taking the photo at the same time (note; ker-azee stuff eh??).

We kept on until we found a nature reserve/campsite called Big Sur where we decided to stop while it was still light. we bought some firewood (plus some wood we'd picked up along the way). Got a roaring fire going, made tea, spaghetti, macaroni and jacket potatoes. I took a picture of George accidentally setting fire to his marshmallows!

The forest is the home of the giant redwood and we should be going in search of them tomorrow.

' had a few of the beers we'd bought and sat laughing round the fire. We made a little friend we called Noodle the Cat, 'cos he ate all our left over noodles.

Went to bed very late and slept like a log.

Great day.

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