Monday, 23 April 2012

Happy St.George's Day (for two weeks ago!!!)

Man, oh man, dem peeps at Blogger is messin' wiv me. well, either that or I'm just losing the knack of things that I was previously alright at! I appear to have messed up the "posting date" for this post but, in true stiff upper lip style, I am pressing on ahead and posting it anyway.

A fortnight late!

Hmmm .............

What could be more English than jam coconut sponge, eh?

Well, apart from roast beef, roast potatoes and all the trimmings of course.

And a full English breakfast.

And fish and chips.

And pie and mash.

Ok, apart from all those things, what could be more English than jam coconut sponge???

Egg-sactly!! And, as is usually the case whenever something sweet is placed in the staff room, it didn't last very long at all. very well received it was, with a dollop of healthy (well, half fat) creme fraiche.

Tally ho, pip pip and Bob's your auntie!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

"You've missed a bit"

I took the car for a wash yesterday. I normally do this myself but I thought I'd 'mix it up' a bit. Whereas I normally pay between three and six pounds, the wash yesterday came to a grand total of £266 and some pennies. I was shocked, to say the least. Two hundred and sixty six pounds??

Still, they did give it the annual service it needed, so I guess it wasn't all bad. I didn't even know it was due a service to be honest. I received a letter from Kia the other day. It started thus;

"As I'm sure you're aware, your car is now due it's annual service ..."

Well, funny enough, I wasn't aware actually. I thought that I'd have the car for a whole year befre I needed to worry about that. But, a 'phone call later confirmed that it was indeed due to be put up on the ramps and tinkered with.

Still, never mind - pay day is in ............. a fortnight.


I'm delighted!