Saturday, 19 November 2011

Cannonball Run Day 14; this day in 1990

George has got a hangover this morning (tee hee). We all had fantastic hot showers this morning for a quarter (25¢) - lovely jubbly! Drove into town - Santa Barbara - to go to the bank and then we drove up State Street; a very long road, to Max's restaurant for some lovely grub. ' did some shopping and then got underway. We went through a little town called Solvang; totally Danish, all windmills and houses, really cute!

Then drove to the campsite in El Chorro. Very boring evening, nothing happening. The other guys went straight to sleep but I'd bought the new Clive Barker book so I sat up by torchlight for about four hours!!

Sleep was pretty broken 'cos it was so bloody cold.

Hardly slept a wink.


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