Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Cannonball Run Day 11; this day in 1990

The mechanic woke me up this morning at 10.30am by bashing on the window. The guys came back soon after and I went into Gabby's for some grub; had a pastrami sandwich and Jolene - another barmaid - gave me a beer. I said she had to be joking and she told me that when she's behind the bar, then you have to drink.

Oh well, I figured we weren't going very far, never mind!

Watched MTV for a while and then challenged this guy to a game of pool. Then George comes running in. "Our van's fixed!"

Okey dokey, said goodbye to the very friendly people of Upland and we got on our way. Three days and $1500 later, we're finally heading for LA; yee HAH!

We had a little trouble finding Santa Monica but when we did, wow! Met up with John V.H, Brett, Steve, Rod, Etian and Jean; what a crowd!!

We all went to the Red Onion and had a great night.

(note: it's funny how some things stay so clear in your memory - I can remember everything about this evening out - great club, very exciting. Also, every time I hear Sheryl Crow sing about the Santa Monica boulevard, I remember this shot and this night)

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