Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Cannonball Run Day 17; this day in 1990

Had a restless night and set off early for San Fransisco; we tasted what real traffic is like! Drove across the Golden Gate bridge, bought Paul a top and took some photos, including the infamous Alcatraz.

Then we crossed the Richmond bridge, then east towards Oakland. San Fransisco (although we barely skimmed the suburbs), was quite industrial. Phooee! (note; looking at a map now, we couldn't have driven through a more built up, industrial part of San Fran' - must make it back there someday).

Took a photo across the Oakland Bridge at San Fransisco Bay. When we stopped to fill up with gas, I took over the driving and went non-stop to Kingsburgh campsite where I shaved and had a boiling hot shower.

Did a bit of reading and fell straight to sleep.

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