Sunday, 6 November 2011

Cannonball Run Day 1; this day in 1990

Well, we left a tearful family behind at Heathrow at 10.30am and went straight through to customs and passport control, boarding our plane almost immediately.

The 7½ hour flight to New York went pretty smoothly on a 747 (the beef casserole was not too bad). A few beers on board, a few hours sleep and we were ready to land.

New York looked great (from inside the airport!) and it was our first sight of limo's and yellow cabs. We couldn't believe how easy it was getting through passport control and customs. Not one question asked. Phoned home and spoke to Ma, Pa and Paul and let them know everything was ok.

Then a four hour wait for our connecting flight. George and Kim (note: the two South Africans I made the trip with) told me they'd seen Debbie Harry - my idol!!

Ha ha, I said, very funny.

Then another flight of 6½ that went fairly quickly 'cos I slept all the way, even though I'd paid $4 for some headphones to watch the in-flight movie they were showing.

We got to baggage reclaim and who is standing right opposite me?

Debbie Harry!!

Took a quick photo' of her!!

Anyway, we took a van (called a cab here) to San Pedro where we checked in to a youth hostel. Very dodgy. Got in a few hours sleep but not much 'cos the place was a bit iffy!

(confused? click here for an explanation)

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