Monday, 26 December 2011

Cannonball Run Days 50 & 51; these days in 1990

Day 50 - Christmas Day

Got to Disney World at 10am and it is a pretty impressive place. Went on a space ride which was brilliant, saw a Christmas parade, saw Mickey Mouse, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Swiss Family Robinson. Rang home at 3pm local time and was a bit choked talking to everyone. I swore to myself that I’d never have another Christmas away from home unless absolutely necessary.

(note; lol, I love how I started that sentence SO determined, “never to be away for Christmas again”, but finished rather wishy-washy, “unless absolutely necessary”!

Left Disney and drove into Kissimmee for the second time and had a huge Christmas buffet at The Kettle; turkey, beef, ham and stuffing made it seem a little bit like Christmas.

Booked into a motel and everyone fell asleep, so I said goodbye to the 25th watching TV alone.

Not an incredibly great Christmas.

(note; when typing this up, I laughed out loud at my final sentence – I’d spent the day in Disney World! I even high-fived Donald Duck, for crying out loud! It’s pretty obvious I was homesick).


Day 51

Up at ten, cashed our cheques and set off for “The Cities”.

On the road again. Once more a fairly non-eventful drive (note; sheesh!). we got to Georgia, the town of Macon and it had a very dodgy feel to it, so we agreed to get out of there. I found a huge Michelob bottle which I kept as a souvenir.

We found another cheap motel and stayed there for the night. (My turn to get the bed, yummy!)
Missing home.

Christmas Day 2011

You still reading?? Well, bless yer cotton socks, you don’t give up easily now, do you?

Well listen, I’ve got some good news for you. You know how I skipped a load of diary entries half way through December ‘cos I’d started working at that fruit factory? Well lo and behold, a very similar thing happens in the first week of January, pretty much marking the end of this “trial by diary entry”.

Hang in there kid!

Of course, being the utter fool that I am, I missed saving a post for the 25th, hence squeezing the two entries above together. What a complete plonker I really am Rodney. I manage to remember all the dull days, like the 3rd of December, or the 20-something of November but DON’T save a post for Christmas Day!


Well, my very limited Christmas list consisted of two books, both food related, and guess what? I received 100% of my desired presents; it’s clear I’ve been exceptionally well behaved this past year.

Joseph very kindly purchased my Jamie Oliver book with his own cash - £10, so a considerable sum, even for a 9 year old.

And Annabel also very kindly purchased my Nouha Taouk book.

Well, ok then, I ordered it from Amazon, paid for it then wrapped it. She then wrote “From Annabel” on it – but it amounts to the same thing.

I was delighted to get both of them – haven’t cooked anything from them yet – and am hoping they’ll be good kitchen companions throughout 2012.

Our Boxing Day was spent how we always spend it; just the four of us, not getting washed or changed, eating our way through the contents of our fridge, watching DVD's or films recorded from the TV and generally slobbing about; marvellous!

As always, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, that you had food in your belly, were in contact with those you love and, if you were really lucky, a glass (or two) of something delicious.

Peace and love

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