Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Cannonball Run Day 53; this day in 1990

Set off again after playing American football with John and Mike in the car park. Saw the French guys (note; who?) and then drove through terrible conditions to Fuddruckers, just before Chicago.

Had some chow then drove into downtown Chicago.

Dropped John, Kim and George off at the motel and Mike and myself drove to Division Street and Rush Street. I couldn't believe it - we actually found 'Mothers' where
About Last Night was filmed.

Wait 'till I tell Selina.

It was absolutely brilliant. Got talking to Elena from Spain, one of the waitresses. Bought a sweater, walked around the bars and took a LOAD of photos.

Finally crashed out in the back of the van.

Fantastic night!

note; Selina was a friend with whom I worked with before I left London for my big American tour! We were a similar age and had both grown up watching the Brat Pack, our favourite film being About Last Night (which I also alluded to
here), starring Rob 'Too Good Looking For His Own Good' Lowe, James Belushi, Elizabeth Perkins and Demi Moore; it's the film that hubby-to-be Bruce Willis tried to have banned / recalled 'cos he didn't like films circulating of his new wife "gittin' it ohn" with the aforementioned Robert, in her birthday suit!

Ha ha, tough luck Brucie, I still got my copy!!

"Dan? Are you with your girl? Git your ass down to Mothers, NOW!!!"

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