Saturday, 24 December 2011

Cannonball Run Day 49; this day in 1990

Well, woke up and walked straight to the beach. Did some more shopping and went to the beach for the afternoon. Had a snooze and when we woke up, we got changed and decided to spoil ourselves for Christmas Eve, so we went for a slap-up meal; a steak dinner! John bought me a really cool hooded top (I think as a thank you for staying behind), and I bought him a T-shirt in return. We both agreed that we’d had a great couple of days.

Picked up the other guys and drove straight to Orlando. We saw Christmas in, driving up the interstate.



Back to the future for a moment, and Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a mention of the here and now. As always, thanks to M being Lebanese, we do half our celebrating on the evening of the 24th (as do other nations, I know), so round to my monster-in-law we went for a fabulous slap up meal of tabbouleh, kibbeh, baba ghanoush (or moutabbal), along with regulars such as smoked salmon, prawns and chicken.

Very, very, very delicious, and very difficult to stop eating. SO difficult, in fact, that I rarely do stop, only putting down my cutlery when either I;

a) feel like I'm going to be sick or

b) I have to leave my belt completely undone (which is never a good look at the table!)

Anyway, very un-surprisingly, both kids were feeling under the weather, Joseph in particular, and he ate almost nothing at all, looking very fed up about the whole thing too.

We went home probably a bit earlier than we would've done otherwise and after the kids were in bed, we did some final touches to the decorations, to the tree etc, and I took a few pictures of one of our candles.

The reason being, was that Joseph, before 'retiring', pointed out that the wick of one of our candles looked like a little angel.

(suspension of disbelief required ........ NOW!)

Oh, come ON, you can see what he means!!!

"Hark, the herald angel sings, glory to the new born King ......"

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