Friday, 23 December 2011

Cannonball Run Day 48; this day in 1990

Dropped the guys off at the ferry port for the Bahamas and John and I drove straight to the charter boats to see if we could go fishing. We could, so we had breakfast, filled up our cooler with drinks and went to sea. We’d finished by midday having caught some nice Kingfish and then spent the early afternoon doing some shopping and then in the Elbo Room. Had a snooze on the beach and when we finally woke up, we went for a shower and a tidy up at the Holiday Inn. Went back to the Elbo Room for a drink, then to Summers where the waitresses wore rather nice outfits. Then along to the Candy Store disco where the waitresses wore hardly anything!

Danced like a madman, met an American girl and a South African girl, went for something to eat and on to a very naff club.

Bed at 6.30am.

Great night.

(note; Ex-SQUEEZE me?? 6.30am? As in, the morning?? Boy oh boy, can’t you tell that was 21 years ago!!!)

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