Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Cannonball Run Day 31; this day in 1990

Woke up at 9am to go to Disney World but Kim had left the van lights on, therefore no battery, no start; so after we’d sorted all that out, it was too late to go. Looked around the shops, posted my postcards and went for some grub.

We decided this evening to drive to Vero Beach ‘cos our funds are running very low. Kim owes me $130 odd, and George and I only have a hundred each. We got to Vero beach very late and paid $20 to stay in a state park.

Getting ready for the shower, a racoon came right up to me so I gave it what was left of my egg salad. George took a couple of photos but I don’t know how they’ll come out ‘cos David Bailey he ain’t!

Went to bed, exhausted.

p.s. Saw Tom Selleck in a red Ferrari.

(note; I think it was him!)

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