Sunday, 1 May 2011

"Promise to love, honour and WHAT?"

Ok, admittedly, if's never quite as much fun seeing Annabel's Godparents in London as if we were to see them in their neck of the countryside, not least because when we go to their's, our afternoons are taken up with 3 hour hikes through fields and woodland which undoubtedly culminates in a 3 hour sit-in at one of their numerous ale houses, with only a roaring fire, several board games, bowls of unhealthy bar snacks and umpteen real ales on tap for company.

I still maintain they made a mistake moving to Wiltshire!!

Ho-hum, it's their loss I s'spose.

As I was saying, as mildly more fun as being in Wilton is, the next best thing is seeing them here and see them we did. It was all cleverly orchestrated over the telephone by M and Annabel's Godmother to coincide with Billy and Kay's Big day. Oh, sorry, not
this Billy! No no, I mean the other Billy, William; Prince William and that rather lovely fiancé of his, Miss Middleton or, as every media outlet in the country seems to refer to her, "Commoner" Kate Middleton.

Apparently the 'commoner' having something to do with a great, great, great Grandfather who worked down a coal pit and a current Uncle, Gary, who's a bit of a geezer apparently (Google him if you can be bothered; it makes for interesting - and a teensy bit funny - reading).

Of course, depending on which gossip mag/toilet newspaper/website you read, the other half of Kate's .... sorry, the Duchess of Cambridge's lineage, has her down as being the owner of said mine, most definitely aristocracy, terribly wealthy and all the rest of it.

Honestly, I don't know who to believe (so I'm gonna go with the last one, the wealthy one - I'm a sucker for a bit of 'toff' don't cha know!!!).

And hey nonny nonny, never mind Ms Middleton with a 'K', what about Ms Middleton with a 'P'?Her sister Pippa, wah wah, weewah, no wonder Harry was all over her like a cheap suit, she is rather lovely and nearly, oh-so very nearly, stole the show from her big sister - not quite, but nearly!

For years we've been told we should wonder which lucky girl will get their hands on Prince William (now we know) but I wonder when we'll be told who'll be the lucky fella to walk down the aisle with Pippa?

Time will tell I guess.

Right then, where was I?

Oh yes, Godparents. They arrived Thursday evening for our pre-requisite evening meal and glass - or two - of alcoholic beverage. Due to Friday's plans, we all retired at a very sensible time and, as a result, awoke at a very sensible time. We set off for one of our local restaurants which I had yet to try, for a Royal Wedding breakfast (it was delicious), before making our way to one of our fairly local boozers/gastropubs to watch the proceedings on their big screen.

A glass of Prosecco here, a couple of pints of Wedding ale there, a few little snack here and there and we had rather a pleasant morning/early afternoon. Even the children had fun with;

a) some of the other children there and
b) playing with the free pool table (I admit, I got in on that little perk!)

Following this, we ambled up to my monster-in-law's street party which, at first sight, seemed (in my book at least), like it was struggling to get going. That was until the 3 piece band got going and pulled it all together - it was a roaring success!

We headed home after this to continue the merriment, and we dined on homemade lasagne which I had had the foresight to cook the night before, thus allowing all juices and flavours to really get going, not to mention the fact that standing in a kitchen and cooking a dish from scratch was the last thing I wanted to do after the day we'd had!

I thought it was a pretty damn fine way to spend the day the country had been given and now I'm really looking forward to the Queen's Golden Jubilee next year.

If anyone from the Queen's kitchen is reading, I'm more than happy to provide the Palace with lasagne for her big day? Just let me know in advance so I can get those juices and flavours going in plenty of time.

I will leave you with the commemorative plate that Annabel made in class on Thursday to celebrate the Big Day. I think she's captured their likeness

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