Monday, 30 May 2011

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There are lots of things I like about my Sunday newspaper, which, considering my stance of newspapers in general, is surprising. It's the trees I feel sorry for - well, obviously not really sorry otherwise I would be out there petitioning against ALL newspapers, but as it is, the free ones really get my goat (if you want written news you should pay for it, at least) - you know, the ones that get handed out at the underground and train stations.

What I do, is buy one of the colossal papers on sale on a Sunday - the kind that requires the death of an entire sapling in itself - and spend the whole week wading through it. I have no idea how anybody gets through it in one day, unless of course they're bed-ridden!

Anyhoo, as much as I enjoy pretty much all of the sections, there are a couple of columns I make a point of not missing. One is Michael Winner (I'll come back to him at a later date), and another is India Knight.

Ms. Knight somehow manages to write about often 'heavy' topics with a light touch, making them absorbing and interesting. She wrote the below article a few weeks back but, thanks to my desk at home being generally buried under piles of paper, pictures and general rubbish, I only stumbled across the paperwork for it at the weekend, although I knew I wanted to post about it since it was published.

As a blogger (you as well as me), the topic should interest you too, even though it is geared towards Headteachers and teachers. Of course, if you know of any parents who might not necessarily read this article, or those whom you know don't read these pages (outrageous, get them tuned into it now!!!), then point them in this direction or print it out for them to have a shufti at.

It highlights the positive outcomes which (can) stem from blogging, particularly with regards to broadening language and structure of writing. Boys feature heavily in the article as it is boys who, historically, struggle more than girls.

See what you think.

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