Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter footprint

Their are several things I tend to steer away from writing about in any great depth online, namely because the topics can really get people's back up, understandably so. The ones requiring the most delicate handling, in my view, are politics and religion. I say "tend" to steer away from and not "stay" away from as I have ventured into these areas in the past, even though I'm fully aware that they can rile people, possibly even pushing the reader away from the very pages you try so hard to attract them to.

Right, having said all that, I will now write on the topic of religion!!

Aren't you glad I'm not the type to just waffle on for no reason whatsoever, with no hint of a contradiction at any point??

Good, because getting one's goat or not, I had to take a chance with the two images above and below.

At this time of year, many children in schools around the country are being reminded of the story of the last hours of Jesus. All classes had the story read to them in an age appropriate way, before each child was given a pre-printed "footstep" and were expected to re-tell a part of the story in their own words. As always, their spelling wasn't questioned, as long as what they had written made sense.

Although Joseph's was very impressive, Annabel's choice of words was completely beautiful. Perhaps you'll agree.

(click to enlarge)

Happy Easter to you all.

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