Monday, 31 January 2011

"As free as the wind blows ..."

Who do you think the best James Bond was/is?

Personally, it all depends on which Bond film I'm watching at the time. If it's Goldfinger, then you cannot beat Connery's take on the super sleuth. If it's the opening of The Spy Who Loved Me however, it's Roger Moore all the way. I never much took to Timothy Dalton in the role (not sure why), Pearce Brosnan (too smug), nor Daniel Craig (too serious, too violent for Bond). I'm ashamed to admit I've never seen George Lazenby in his 1969 attempt (although, judging by the fact that Connery came back after George had only made one film as the spy, leads me to think that perhaps he wasn't all that great!).

Regardless of who your favourite thesp' happened to be wearing the Rolex Submariner at the time, one name featured in more of the Ian Fleming films than any of those mentioned above, albeit not on-screen.

That name is
John Barry, composer of 11 of the 22 Bond movies to date, who died today. I'm not sure why the passing of certain 'famous' people (all unknown to me, personally) is more moving than others, but the news of his death struck me as very sad.

As is often the case, news like this makes me dig through my own music collection until I find their music and when I do, listening to it takes on a new poignancy.

As Abba once said, "thank you for the music".

All of it.

Sweet dreams John.

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  1. nice - I appreciated his work too and posted similarly this week.......