Saturday, 1 January 2011

Picture This

Oh no, what am I gonna do, I can't feel my fingers, the words won't come out, I'm sweating, I'm shaking, what will people think ........

It's ok, it's ok, deep breath in, deep breath out, and in again and ...... relax .....

Can you believe it, one solitary day after my new post, one day after spending nine months in the "not-writing-wilderness" and I panic 'cos I can't think what to write!

It's pathetic!

Honestly, what am I talking about, I'm not struggling to think of something to say at all! On the contrary, I've got oodles to say but all along I wanted to sum up my "missing" last 9 months in one fashion or another and, as is often the case, my pictures sometimes make a more succinct point that my fingers ever can.

If you catch my drift!!

As always, click on pics to enlarge.

Coloured (Lebanese) eggs at Easter

(and one bought for me as a gift)

Joseph, 3 months into his (our) lessons)

Spring time at our country house

(oh, alright then, a house situated in a totally random field we walked through in Wiltshire!)

Strawberry picking for my annual jam making

August on the Isle of Wight for our annual scone eating ...

... and fossil hunting ...

Annabel and me adding some personal touches to her bedroom ...

Dover Castle

Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsay. We had no idea what an incredibly important and life saving role he played in WWII until we visited Dover castle.

Positano in October - 'nuff said!

Do I really need to discuss the snow?

Our neighbours handsome dog. We took him out for a walk with the devious intentions of turning some of the pictures into framed gifts. They were very well received!

Snacks for Santa and Rudolph! (yeah, yeah, in our house, Rudolph is happy with apples over carrots, alright?)


Almost an entire year of my life in just 30 photographs!

To me, it seemed busy and colourful but this post has made me realise that my 2011 must be more busier and more colourfuller.

I think.

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