Sunday, 30 January 2011

How does King Wenceslas like his pizza?

Deep pan, crisp and even!

Tee hee, that joke was in my Christmas book of Harry Hill jokes that I received from a colleague recently. (Is it only a month ago? It seems ages!)

Whatever, I thought it beat any cracker joke I ever read out over the years. Deep pan, crisp and even, heh heh, so good.

Ooh, talking of crisps, Joseph brought the walls of reality crashing in on my head the other evening. We had driven across to my parent's as it was my Dad's birthday. We only stayed a couple of hours as it was a school night and we were all pretty pooped. Much laughter was had by all thanks to the fact that Joseph's top front teeth are in a rather comical state right now. One of the teeth has come out, the gap has widened (to make way for the adult teeth) and the remaining tooth has kind of shuffled across into the middle of the space, hanging by a corner.

It has made him look like one of the characters from the film Deliverance!! And I don't mean Burt Reynolds or Jon Voight!

Mind you, it's driving him nuts as he can't tuck into a crunchy apple properly and I think the comedy is starting to wear thin for him. If only we knew a good dentist ........

Anyways, on the drive home, I tried to keep Joseph and Annabel awake by talking to them, asking them questions, keep talking, keep talking, nearly bed time, you'll be wide awake if you sleep now, and all that. Don't even ask me what programme was on but obviously, with my rambling, Joseph was listening to the radio more closely than I was.

He said, "Dad. What year were you born?"

I replied.

"1969. Why?"

In the rear view mirror, I could see him mulling something over, working something out.

"Because Hula Hoop crisps were introduced in 1974, so you're even older than a Hula Hoop". At this comment he burst into laughter again.

Hmmm, yes, I thought you'd had enough of laughing???

Am I really older than those small, unhealthy but undoubtedly delicious little circle of saturated fat? Surely not, they must have been going longer than I have?


In other comic news, Annabel had me laughing out loud last night following a bit of a hissy fit (hers, not mine) when I announced it was time for bed, no messing about please, time's up! She threw herself on the floor, as only she can do, wailed until her eyes forced some tears out her closed eyes and then stamped off to her room in a terribly dramatic fashion, closing her door behind her.

Well, she would have shut it, if it weren't for the big sponge finger guard at the top of the door to protect little fingers which only caused it to bounce back to almost fully open. This only enraged her further.

We tried not to let her hear us sniggering and we stopped when we heard her door open. We heard some rustling before it was pushed closed once more.

Bless her heart. She'd only opened the door to blu-tack this Post-It size note to the front of it. I could translate exactly what it says but I reckon you can figure it out for yourselves.

She really is very sweet!

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