Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Elvis is BACK in the building!

Yes, yes, it's ok, control yourselves, I am indeed "back", it is me.

No, it's not an imposter, no-one's hacked into my main-frame, this is me, for real and, as Take That sang all those years ago, I'm Back For Good.

Oh man, if only you knew how I'd missed the simple pleasure of typing. Typing, for pete's sake!!! And yes, the observant among you will have noticed that I have returned on the 29th of the month, exactly 9 months, n-i-n-e long months, set adrift on memory bliss of something or other!! I wouldn't mind, but I've spent the last four nights sat in front of my monitor merely trying to format my new identity/blog page correctly.

Dammit, I'm still far from happy with it but my fingers were itching too much not to just sit and type, get "speaking" again, say hello to some of you, see if any of you are still there at least, see if any new faces might be thinking of coming along for the ride!

So, what's been happening?

Oh boy, I've umm'd and ahh'd over how to start this post. Why? I don't know. In fact, I think I ended my last post somewhere around here with non-stop procrastinating and started my new post in very much the same way!

The joke is on me too, 'cos I stopped keeping a blog so I could dedicate my time to writing of a different kind but it turns out the only thing that kept me sitting down to a keyboard night after night was my blog.

And it's taken me how long to find that out?

SO much has happened since March.

My daughter has turned 5, my son has turned 8, the dentist (mentioned above) and I, returned to Positano for our 10th (that's right, tenth, you heard me, TENTH, our T-E-N-T-H!) wedding anniversary, jeepers creepers, my Dad has survived a heart attack, my brother and I are talking again, oh, so much, SO much to talk about, lots and lots of news that I will elaborate on in due course, but for now, delighted as I am to be back, typing nonsense to you all via de 'vorld vide veb', I will leave you with a rather moody picture of my good self, captured in the only way I like to show myself to planet Earth's inhabitants via the splinternet; anonymously.

Boy oh boy, it sure is good to be back!

(Even if my new blog layout does suck!)

1 comment:

  1. OMG!

    In the words of the immortal Dr. Frank N Stein....

    Its ALIVE!!!

    Well I never. And sneaked in at the usual un-Godly hour too.

    Welcome back.

    oh boy ohboyohboy.........