Friday, 26 August 2011

Tickled pink

Annabel usually has to 'hit the ground running' when it comes to mornings in our house. The 'waking order' more often than not, looks like this;

1st - Joseph.

2nd - M.

3rd - Yours truly.

4th - Annabel.

As a result, Annabel is often sleeping peacefully while the three of us have had a chat, discussed this, that or the other, had a shower, gotten dressed and so on.

By the time Missy wakes up, we're ready for breakfast, ready to get on with the day, but we like to have brekkie together, so I set about waking her up - slowly though, nicely - and as she opens her eyes, I scoop her up, mention breakfast and down we go.

This morning was one such morning and as I clattered down bowls of cereal in front of them, she was still rubbing her eyes and started eating with her head leaning on one hand. However, not wanting to be left out of the conversation, she chipped in.

"Last night, I didn't have any dreams at all".

We all looked at her and M answered.

"Didn't you darling?"

"No", she continued. "I didn't have any dreams 'cos I was too busy sleeping".

Our laughter made her wonder what she'd said that was so funny.

Sweet Missy.

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