Sunday, 21 August 2011

J'aime Devon

Hands up who missed me?

Oh, come on, get those hands up, whaddya mean you didn't even notice???


Regardless, I have been away, on our wonderful week in the sun together (and occcasional drizzle) to Devon and I have to say, I like Devon a LOT!!

I know I spend a lot of time banging on about how much I love the Isle of Wight - and I do - but there's something about Devon. It's just so beautiful! I love the patchwork fields in varying colour, paricularly the rape fields (btw, why does something as pretty as the rape plant have a name with such awful associations? And don't anyone bother telling me the name is derived from the Latin for turnip!!).

The week started well, mostly because we drove to Devon in our new car (ooOOOHHH!!!!!). Well, nearly new car at any rate. This meant I wasn't worried about anything breaking down on our journey, it meant we all had more leg room, it meant everything managed to fit in the boot rather than in all the footwells, and with a bigger engine, it meant we climbed all road undulations with ease, no more screaming up hills at 35 mph on the motorway, with me leaning forward over the sterring wheel, willing the car onward, ha-HAH!!!

Ok, so my savings have all gone, who gives a stuff!! As my neighbour says (repeatedly), "it's only money".

He does have more of it than me, but this statement seems to fall on deaf ears, repeatedly.

Anyways, the week could only get better from then on but before I let the pictures do the talking for me, I must make special mention of St. Winifred's church in Branscombe. It was a beautiful little place that we stopped in at on our way to a National Trust property nearby, for our pre-requisite cream tea. I do love a little bit of history and some of the tombstones date back to the 1200's!!!


But like I said, here are some pics. As always, click to enlarge.

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