Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Anti-distinctly-minty Part II

A quick snippet of a post, something that made me laugh.

Annabel and Joseph followed me into our office / study / spare room this evening, when they were supposed to be brushing their teeth. They were, of course, merely delaying the 'getting into bed' process.

M' called out something to me and I answered. As I did so, they both repeated what I'd said. M' couldn't hear me over the noise, so asked me again. I repeated what I had said, louder this time, and again, they both copied me, sniggering a little this time.

"Can you both stop that and brush your teeth please", I moaned.

"Can you both stop that and brush your teeth please", they replied, their words breaking up with the incredible humour of it all.

"It's not funny, you know that right?" I countered.

"It's not funny, you know that right?" They returned fire, almost helpless with laughter by now.

"Antidisestablishmentarianism", I said, almost quietly.

Joseph stopped in his tracks, but Annabel bravely turned, still smiling, and said, "Anti" (brave start) "distance-television".

Joseph and I both burst out laughing and I scooped her up, as she threw her head back and laughed along with us, knowing full well she'd made a right pig's ear of the game.

Dad - 1

Kids - 0

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  1. HA!!

    They won too because they stayed up a bit later didn't they......

    Nice one.