Sunday, 19 June 2011

"More fly agaric, Vicar?"

Another occasion, another greeting card, this time por moi.

Of course, I knew the time would eventually come when the cards I received from 'mes enfants' ceased being the hand-made variety and came via Woolworths (RIP) or Clinton's.

To be fair, I did get a card from Annabel which had been made in class; it was draped in paper ribbons and had a Super Dad sticker on the front but scanning it would've squished the ribbons and I wasn't prepared to squish anything made my my daughter!

(NO, not even for you!)

She did put her name to my shop bought card however, the front of which made me chuckle, and to keep in line with previous years (and hopefully years to come), the card accompanied tea and toast in bed, plus a cuddle from them both.

It's great, because in the time it takes me to sit up (from feigning sleep in the horizontal), to finishing my tea and opening my present, I go from being the "best Dad in the world" to upsetting one or the other and am "selfish" or "horrible".

What I'm planning on doing next year, is buying myself the biggest china mug I can lay my hands on so that my tea drinking lasts just that little bit longer, thus eeking out my "best Dad in world" status.

I'll let you know how things go.

If you have children, Happy father's Day to you. If you don't, I hope you enjoyed your lie in!

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