Sunday, 23 October 2011

Will it be Ruth? Will it be Harry??

Oh, it was Ruth!

So that’s it then? The end of Spooks as we know it. After 10 brilliant series, Ruth gets ‘done in’ by a young Russian who thought he was Harry’s son.

But wasn’t.

His mother had tricked them all, damn her to hell!!

You see Harry? You see what happens when you’re so loyal, so determined to do the right thing all the time? I knew it was all over when Harry smiled (smiled for crying out loud, he’s never smiled in 9 whole years), at Ruth and agreed to leave MI5 to shack up with her.

Mind you, you’ve got to hand it to Ruth, not only did she have a very lovely-but-slightly-wonky smile, she also seemed to totally forgive Harry for dragging her away from an idyllic life in rural Greece, allowing her hubby to get shot dead into the bargain!!

Yep, she sure was a kind-hearted soul, that’s for sure. Right up to the point where she got killed!

How will it end, what will he do??

I’ll tell you what he’ll do; he’ll pick up the ‘phone and, in his usual gruff tone, bark his name down the ‘phone.

"Hello? This is Harry Pearce". (cue freeze frame, cue black and white overlay and terrific, instantly familiar noise that ended every episode since 2002.

And the brief shot of Tom from series 1 was a touch - of - genius!!!

Anyhoo, obviously I don’t have a picture of Harry, or Ruth for that matter, so I’ll leave you with a rather crap photo I took ages ago of the Spooks building which is, in reality, the (Freemasons) Masonic Lodge, just off Long acre in covent Garden, London (I’m sure I have a better picture of that building somewhere).

And I’ve also provided you with a link (here), just in case you think you’ve got what it takes to fill Harry’s shoes.

Good luch with that!!!

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