Friday, 14 October 2011

Lemme see, that’s .. 9 .. no .. 10? No, hang on …

Oh, I geddit now. I think the problem arose from not having mentioned it last year, thanks to my being a complete doofus and having hung up my blogging boots for the best part of a year.

What a dope!

It’s not nine, OR ten; it’s actually eleven.

That’s right, eleven years since my rather wonderful wif (we omit the ‘e’ for various reasons which shall remain a mystery to you all), finally decided to cease being a dentist that just was engaged to me, and became a dentist that was married to me.

It’s been a hard slog, no doubt about it. I’ve had to put up with a great deal of ear-bashing, hen-pecking and other negative aspects of which I can’t quite call to mind (but trust me, it’s been hard), although if I’m honest, there have been one or two nicer moments, several ‘lights at the end of the tunnel’, you might say.

And I s’pose, if I were to open up a bit, I’d say that we still get on fairly well, regardless of the fact that she, M, would probably dispute this.

In fact, to make a stand, I deliberately missed our actual anniversary date (the 12th), and have blogged on the 14th, so HAH, who’s in charge now, eh????

I “forgot” our anniversary and there ain’t a thing you can do about it!!!!

And so, in order to keep up the pretence, I’ll end on a positive.

Love? You are lovely, you’re a star, I love you loads. Thank you for being SO lovely!

Ps – picture is not the breakfast I cooked for M. She is highly allergic to eggs so naturally, I bought her a card with eggs on the front. As you do!

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