Saturday, 17 September 2011

And then he was 9

"Freshness, originality, treading a new path".

No, not comments from the X-Factor judges (which is where ma famille can be found at this precise moment, waiting on their every comment - sheesh!) but words which I feel are nice generally, especially when you're reading something. Personally, things I've read before leap right off the page at me and let's face it, it's a bit tiresome.

Well, unless it's your favourite favourite book of course, but that's another story.

It is for this reason of 'freshness' that I do my utmost to cover new ground as much as is humanly possible whilst rambling endlessly on these pages (please note, I said "new" ground, not "interesting"!)

There are, however, occasions when I need to 'flick back' through my own pages as a gentle reminder of anniversaries that occur throughout my year, re-read them, try not to copy what I said too closely so as not to annoy. But let's face it, just how different can one wish someone 'happy birthday' without repeating one's self, eh?

It's difficult to believe that this morning at 8.23am this morning, exactly nine years ago, our smashing son was born, albeit 7 weeks early. The builders actually laughed into their tea when I told them he'd arrived, thinking I was joking, even though I was practically purple with rage, screaming at them to get the hell on with it! We had no kitchen, no bathroom and we'd been living in one room which was covered with dust, eating microwave meals for 6 weeks - a really healthy way to live for a heavily pregnant woman!

Regardless of this rude and abrupt introduction to the world, the two weeks in Hotel Incubator and the extra couple of weeks in Chez Intensive Care seemed to do the trick; Joseph has grown into a happy and healthy (and bloody tall) boy, one whom his parents are very proud of.

He is very thoughtful too. Just in case we made a mistake in what present to buy him, he started telling us what box of Star Wars Lego he wanted from about the end of June - that's right, three flippin' months ago - I mean, how many children do you know that are so thoughtful? and not only that, but he very, very kindly did not choose the Death Star as it was "too expensive" at £350. He settled for the At-At Walker, a mere snip at £100. (One hundred pounds for a box of Lego?? Where did that come from???)

Yeah, we're proud of him alright.

Joseph - please stop saying "next year I'm gonna be 10!"

Just enjoy being 9 years old for now. 10 will come around quick enough, you'll see!

Happy birthday Poops - we're glad you enjoyed your day.


  1. Y'know - one day he'll hate being called 'poops'!

    [but I hope it's a long time coming}

    I hope you enjoyed his day too.

  2. Heh heh heh ..... for the first time ever, as I wrote the word 'Poops', I thought, "he's gonna hate that nickname soon".

    The best bit is Al, he doesn't even KNOW about these pages yet. Just wait until I've turned them into a book for him!!!!! Lol, he'll probably burn it!