Thursday, 8 March 2012

Talking of birthdays .....

Right then, how have I changed over the past year? Have I changed? Am I a better person? Have I shown willing, kindness and compassion to others? Have I shown any of those to anyone? Am I more patient, more thoughtful, more understanding?

Do you know, I rather think I am; a bit.

We – the children and myself - were watching some clips of last year’s Easter egg hunt we had at home. I hide rhyming clues around the house and garden, each one leading the kids to a different chocolate treat, culminating in the piece de resistance - the biggest-chosen-by-themselves-chocolate-eggs, for the scoffing of.

In reality, their eyes are bigger than their bellies and they eat, maybe, a quarter of their total findings and the rest gets very slowly nibbled on over the following days and weeks.

Anyway, as I was saying, we were watching some footage of this hunt, and the clues are written for the kids to take turns with reading – thus minimising any arguments along the line of, “oh, he read the last one”, or, “how come she gets to read again?”

In the video, it was Annabel’s turn to read and, bearing in mind it was a year ago when she was just getting to grips with reading. She paused (in the video), looking at the scrap of paper and mouthing the sound which she was about to make – it was obvious she was trying but, suddenly Mr Impatient – yours truly – suddenly pipes up, reading out the first line for her, with a “come along, get on with it” tone in his (my) voice.

It wasn’t that I meant to hurry her along per se, but rather I was mindful of the tape running out and didn’t want to miss the end. But, as always, I just watched it feeling guilty – bloody typical!

Overall grade for the year – must try harder.

Final thought; the AA contacted me to see if I wanted to answer one of their online surveys – that’s the Automobile Association, yeah, not the other AA. I was just about to click on ‘Not at this time thanks’, when I caught a glimpse of their age breakdowns for personal information. At a time when I, rather annoyingly, seem to be in the oldest brackets for various companies, for the AA, I am in the second from oldest bracket.

This pleased me greatly, so I agreed to answer their questions.

Hey, they help me, I help them!

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