Tuesday, 21 February 2012

"But the day it always lasts too long …”

I mentioned in a text to a friend the other week that there was a possibility, the very slightest possibility, that I may be just a teensy bit in love with Emelie Sande. Of course, it’s also possible that I should, being a very happily married man, spend just a smidgen of time justifying this statement.

Well, you’d have to have had your eyes poked out with sharp sticks not to see that she’s just plain gorgeous (now and before bleaching her hair white), she has the most amazing voice - both mellow and soft, yet at the same time rich and powerful – and, stumbling across an interview with her on the radio last week, I thought that BBC Radio 4 had started playing bedtime stories, such was the soothing nature of her soft, wonderfully lilting Aberdeenshire accent.

She’s not ‘pop star thick’ as in many cases, but is actually a very clever individual – this made listening to her interview all the easier as she actually answered questions, rather than giggle annoyingly throughout. Her birthday is just two days after mine and, just to bring me crashing back to earth with a bump, she was born in 1987, a year which is very close to my heart, but at the same time reminding me that she is exactly half my age.

Her debut album is just sublime – if you haven’t got it yet, do yourself (and her) a favour and order it now. Look, I’ve even provided you with a link here so that you can purchase it with ease. Your music collection will be all the better for it and your world will be opened up to the vocal delights of this wonderfully talented – and rather lovely – young singer who is destined for great(er) things.

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