Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Cannonball Run Day 59; this day in 1990

Dropped John off at the university and drove around looking at Minneapolis, until we had to pick him up again. We ate, got changed and then met everyone at a bar called Plums!

Wore my boots and jeans (note; in a similar vein to some of our drives being "non-eventful", I seem to keep referring to going out "wearing my boots and jeans", or clothing of some description or another. I'm not exactly sure what my alternatives were!)

Met lots of people tonight - Kelly, Tuya (with two dots over the 'y' - Finnish, I think), and then a beautiful black girl called Tatiana, who very kindly gave me her number; 228 0487. (note; never rang it!). On the way home, we stopped to eat and then home to bed.

(note; "we" meaning 'me and everyone', that is; not me and Tatiana!! Reading this back, I was a bit embarrassed highlighting the fact that the girl was black. Should I have been? It seems so unnecessary now. Either way, I typed it back then, so I wrote it in now, right or wrong).

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