Wednesday, 27 July 2011

"All the teachers in the pub, passin' round the ready rubbed ..."

You know, back at the start of the year when I was having my identity crisis with blog names, I was thinking of a blog name based on JAM – it was an acronym, what it stood for isn’t that important now – but when I ran it past the lovely M (who always speaketh sense), she said that people might not show any interest in a blog that was about jam. I countered with “of course, people are gonna be really excited about a lovable dentist then??!?”, not to mention that it wasn’t actually going to be about jam and anyway, what did she know about blog names and I’m off upstairs to blog!!!!!!

I didn’t really sulk btw – just trying to lighten the mood from previous post – told you it was gloomy!!

The real reason I opted not to go for the jam name, was for the same reason I ditched the Dad on a Bike name. Yes, I would write about being a Dad, but it’s not the only thing I write about – I also write nonsense!!!

If I had a Jam name, people would undoubtedly (!) flock to me, expecting to read about Jam, food, eating etc. I wouldn’t want to upset them now, would I?

Having said that, of the half dozen or so blogs I check more or less daily for updates, I’d say that 90% of them are food related – I do have an interest in food – but no matter. As the Walker Brothers sang, no regrets, onwards and upwards.

Blog names and identity crisis aside, this week has been very different from last; lighter in mood, in outlook, in lots of ways, not to mention the fact that school is out for summer and my list of “things to do” is not inconsiderable.

Yes, that’s right people, I have had this week off, and I also have the next 5 weeks off (tee hee), but it ain’t all plain sailing or sitting in the garden on a deckchair sipping a non-alcoholic lager top you know! With mes enfants at their beloved summer dance club this week and next, I was supposed to be tackling the big, messy jobs such as decorating Joseph’s bedroom, and ‘treating’ the recently pointed brickwork around the house (bor-iiiing).

And have I spent this week doing that?

No, I have not, because I have been spoiling myself and doing some fun stuff. Ok, apart from some much needed spring cleaning, I have been making ….. oh ... hang on ..…. jam.

Righty ho.

Yeah, strawberry jam with fruit picked from a farm in Esher (8 quids worth, not a total bargain, I grant you) and blackberries picked from our local common (totally free, gratis and for nothing – bargain of the year).

Once again, for the third year in a row, even though I have been reading up on my pectin levels thanks to Pam Corbin (of River Cottage fame), it has still come out a wee bit runny (dammit man).

Not to worry though, hah – I merely labelled it as “Jam Coulis" for drizzling over desserts; result! Very tasty, and no-one pointing out it should be a bit thicker set.

My blackberries, on the other hand, have come out very very nicely indeed, thank you very much, in only my first attempt. Throw into the mix a banana loaf I made thanks to two very ripe bananas and I’m enjoying my summer very much so far, thank you for asking.

Crumbs, did I forget to mention that Annabel was also busy in the kitchen? Yep, she made some very tasty gingerbread men, and even allowed her brother to share the decorating.

And the flowers?

I just included them in my pics because;

a) they’re from a colleague and

b) I just thought they would add to the summery mood of this post.

I thank you.

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